Beautiful image for our Creative Arts Festival

A beautiful work by Year 10 student artist, Aynee Williams, Savio House Creative Arts Captain has been chosen to help promote our upcoming Dominic College Creative Arts Festival.

Director of Creative Arts, Mr Mike O'Brien, said the work challenged interpretation and triggers multiple meanings and resonances.

Aynee named her series ‘Neon Series’ because her photos were about luminescence, black light and the power of neon.

'I chose to keep my model faceless because I felt that the colours present needed to be focused on more than the face of the model because that was the purpose of my series.’

‘I was inspired by the colour and fluorescence used by an artist I researched and decided that I wanted recreate it myself with a different theme and context from that which he had already created. The meaning within my work is the power of colour and the theme is the contrast which exists between black and colour which comes through even more strongly by keeping the model faceless to show the colour more.’

We are pleased to be able to feature Aynee's work in this way. The public will be able to admire a wide variety of student work on display at th Dominic College Creative Arts Festival which runs in the Salamanca Arts Centre from 29 August to 1 September 2018.