Bell Shakespeare Company's 'The Players'

On Tuesday 26 June, Dominic College was delighted to welcome “The Players” from Bell Shakespeare to help launch our upcoming Shakespeare units in Years 9 and 10.

The Year 9 cohort watched “Shakespeare Is Dead” which took them on a funny, enlightening and fast-paced journey through the world of William Shakespeare.

The show challenged any negative views about the language and introduced the students to some of the key themes, conventions, characters and soliloquies of the famous playwright.

This wonderful introduction to Shakespeare invited the audience to explore the age-old question: why are we still studying his work in 2018?

The Year 10 cohort was treated to a performance of “Macbeth: The Rehearsal”. This presentation explored what happens when two actors and a director take on the Scottish play in a rehearsal.

Students were entertained with the characters, themes, motivations, language techniques and plot devices used in this famous play. “The Players” were masters of capturing student engagement and audience participation.

Mrs Janet Marcenko - Head of English 7-10