Bell Shakespeare partnership

The renowned Bell Shakespeare Theatre Company has announced that Dominic College's Head of English, Mrs Jan Marcenko, is one of just 30 teachers nationally (just two from Tasmania) to receive a Regional Teacher Mentorship. This mentorship gives Dominic College a fully-funded, year-long mentorship with the company.

Mrs Marcenko will receive professional learning over four days at Bell Shakespeare HQ in Sydney, in practical and innovative strategies for teaching Shakespeare.

On her return to Dominic College, she will receive ongoing support from Bell Shakespeare artists and staff, as well as access to in-school and in-theatre programmes to ensure student engagement continues.

Peter Evans, Artistic Director of Bell Shakespeare said, “Teachers are the conduit through which we deliver our programmes to students across the country; they are the first and last experience a student will have with Shakespeare in school.

It is critical to our commitment to share Shakespeare’s works with all Australians regardless of age or location, that teachers be the champions through which we spread the relevance and understanding of Shakespeare.

Brad Hedgman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Teachers Mutual Bank Limited, a financial partner of the program said, ““Teachers Mutual Bank Limited are proud partners of Bell Shakespeare’s Regional Teacher Mentorship Program.

We believe that teachers inspire and cultivate the next generation to accomplish great things. Those selected for the 2018 intake represent that ethos. We’re excited to see how they bring their experiences in the program back to their schools in regional and remote Australia.”

Mrs Marcenko is excited by the possibilities opened up and will report more when she learns more about the program.