​Blessings and Goodbye to Principal Beth Gilligan

On Friday 14 January 2022, our much loved Principal who has been the leader of Dominic College since 2009 will transition to retirement after thirteen years of faithful and dedicated service and leadership to our College. Over the past two weeks we have celebrated the many achievements Beth has had during her tenure as Principal and it has been touching to hear the lovely words of gratitude expressed to Beth from members of staff, parents, the wider community, and most importantly past and present students.

During her time as Principal of Dominic College, Beth has always held the students at the centre and heart of all her work and decision making. To achieve this, she has always placed the Mission at the forefront of young people’s education. As Principal she has from her first day continued to teach Religious Education and lead by example as an educator. She has invested time and energy to ensure that the faith and spirituality of all members of the community be nurtured and enriched, and reminded us always that central to all our work in Catholic schools is to teach the young people in our care the values modelled to us by Jesus Christ in the Gospels – values of love, compassion, service, honesty, humility, and respect, and to help students know how to love God and to love their neighbour.

Beth has succeeded in ensuring that our Christian faith is lived by all in the inclusive way students, staff and parents can take part in masses, liturgies, and prayer services, whilst still respecting their personal beliefs and values. In terms of Mission and Religious Education, Beth has kept students at the centre helping them all to become good Christians and honest citizens just as Don Bosco did at the Oratory many years ago through the array of formation opportunities provided over the years.

Throughout her leadership, Beth has always said that placing quality teachers and staff in front of our students to model high standards and provide quality and engaging learning is crucial to shaping their futures and helping young people know that they can achieve anything they want to achieve. Dare to dream, dare to achieve was her motto for the students and Beth has definitely achieved this as Principal. Our students graduate from us in Year 10 confident for the challenges ahead and knowing that they can always strive to be whatever they dream to be no matter what challenges they face.

A good report that as school is well-led is when relief teachers come back to work after their first day at a new school. Our relief staff always come back to Dominic saying that our students are respectful, honest and responsible learners who want to be here. This is a credit to Beth in ensuring that everyone in our community maintains the four expectations to the highest of standards every day – always keeping students at the centre when it comes to their learning and wellbeing. Beth’s community spirit and involvement has been second to none. Presence is at the centre of Salesian education, and like Don Bosco, she has modelled presence to a level I have never seen before. Over the years, Beth has been at every gathering, every event – Parish Council Meetings, P&F Meetings, DOSA Meetings, Board Meetings, APSPA Meetings are just a few of the external events Beth has been part of, not to mention all the retreats, liturgies, Music soirees, debates, Award presentations, Creative Arts festivals, and even managing to join students and staff on the Japan trip between a busy overseas meeting schedule. With a calendar like hers, Beth has always kept our students and families at the centre through her presence at every event possible. A truly inspiring feat.

And it doesn’t end there. Under Beth’s leadership we have seen the fruition of amazing resources and facilities throughout the College over the years. The Savio Centre, the Assisi Learning Centre, the refurbishment of the Savio Wing, the Founders Link, Memorial Walls, Stations of the Cross, amazing play spaces, and a wonderful new K-2 pulana Precinct for our youngest students to thrive and prosper in. The list is endless!

Beth’s leadership at Dominic has been guided by the Charter of Salesian schools over her thirteen years at Dominic. She has made our K-10 College a HOME that welcomes, a PARISH that evangelises, a SCHOOL that prepares for life and a PLAYGROUND where friends meet and enjoy themselves. On behalf of the College community, I want to thank Beth for her amazing contributions to our community and may she find time to rest and relax and enjoy many new adventures with her beloved Mark and Zoe as she enters retirement. Beth, it has been a privilege to serve as your Deputy Principal over the past four years. You have led this College through loving kindness and service for 13 years, guided by the Charter of Salesian schools to achieve many wonderful things. It is this charter that will continue to guide us, centre us, and ensure that we continue giving current and future Dominic College students the best quality education and care possible every day, and uphold the highest of standards as our families would expect.

Thank you, goodbye, good luck and may God bless you!

Mr Stephen Casni - Dominic College Deputy Principal