Can anyone help show off Tassie?

Call for friendly Tassie guides!

A teacher from our Japanese sister school, Mr Akihiro Shimomura (teacher of Music and English, and conductor of the school choir) will be participating in the Dominic College-Shizuoka Salesio School teacher exchange during Term 3.

He will be working at Dominic mostly with teachers of Japanese, but you will also see him involved in other aspects of school and community life.

As you can imagine, coming to a new country for a 10 week period can be very isolating and he may feel a degree of homesickness. While we will do our utmost to care for him at school, we are also looking for some kind families in our school community who are willing and able to take Shimomura sensei under their wing for a day or half day outing during the weekend.

He is a young and active person, who would appreciate discovering some of Tasmania’s natural beauty.

You might take him on a day trip to Mt Field for a picnic and a bush walk? Or a mountain bike ride on Mt Wellington? An afternoon at Bonorong Park? A relaxing lunch at a scenic spot? A drive to a nice beach and a spot of fishing? It needn’t be anything too far or costly, but getting out and about with some good company would help him to create wonderful memories of his time in Tasmania.

If your family is interested in being a friendly Tassie guide for Shimomura sensei, can you please fill out this online form as soon as possible so that we can help him to organise his time effectively?

よろしくおねがいします。yoroshiku onegai shimasu

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Mrs Belinda Kumashiro - Japanese Teacher