Catholic Education Week 2019 celebrated at Glenorchy

Last Sunday saw the beginning of Catholic Education Week. This is a special time when we acknowledge how unique and special our Catholic schools are.

Dominic College was warmly invited by Fr Guy and the Parish of St John’s Glenorchy, to join them to commemorate the start of Catholic Education Week at the regular 10am Parish Mass. Our College Rector, Fr Peter Rankin also co-concelebrated over the mass with Fr Guy.

I would like to thank Sarah Fitzpatrick, Ella Fitzpatrick, Thomas Atkinson, Eli Morrison, Priyannika Kumrai, Jack Gilligan and Klay Mustchin who gave up their time to take an official part in this special Mass. I would also like to thank Elliott McGee, Lincoln McGee, Daisy Lincoln, Poppy Lincoln, Maryanne Matthew, Joseph Abayo, Emma Ayebare, Natalie Mudzingwa, Naphtalie Mudzingwa and the staff members and their families who attended also. It was a wonderful opportunity to come together as a school and parish to celebrate the Eucharist.

Mrs Alicia McMahon - Director of Faith & Mission K-10

]This week is Catholic Education Week, celebrated in schools all across Tasmania with Masses and Liturgies.

On Sunday, I was privileged to be invited to attend the Catholic Education Week Mass at St Johns Church. I was joined by my fellow Vice-Captain, Ella Fitzpatrick, Mission Captains, Eli Morrison and Sarah Fitzpatrick and Year 6 leaders, Klay, Jack and Priyannika.

At the beginning of the Mass, Ella and I were given the opportunity to take up our Dominic College flag during the entrance procession.

Fr Guy led the mass with assistance from our own Fr Peter and they both did an amazing job.

As representatives of our school, Eli and the Year 6 Captains were asked to bring the offertory bread and wine to the altar for communion and did a great job of that.

All in all, the mass was enjoyable and I am very thankful for the opportunity to represent our school on this important community occasion.

Thomas Atkinson - College Vice Captain