​Celebrating Teamwork and Green Spirit: The Remarkable Rubbish Relay!

We are excited to share the fantastic success of the recent Rubbish Relay event, an inspiring initiative brought to life by the dedicated members of our SRC Environmental Committee. This event not only promoted environmental awareness but also showcased the incredible teamwork and sportsmanship of our students. Under the bright sun and with the spirit of sustainability in the air, students from all Houses participated wholeheartedly in the Rubbish Relay.

The event not only challenged them physically but also emphasised the importance of working together for a cleaner and greener world. The SRC Environmental Committee’s ingenious idea truly brought the school community closer to our planet. The students exhibited outstanding collaboration, proving that united efforts can create impactful change. Their collective enthusiasm and mutual support throughout the event were truly heartwarming. They should take pride in their ability to adapt, cooperate, and succeed as a team.

We’re thrilled to announce that Guzman House emerged as victors of the House challenge! Congratulations on your well deserved triumph. Your reward of extra playtime is a testament to your dedication and unity. We hope this motivates all Houses to continue demonstrating exceptional teamwork and environmental responsibility.

A heartfelt thank you to the SRC Environmental Committee for envisioning and executing this incredible event. Let’s continue fostering these values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and environmental consciousness in our young leaders.

Ms Rebecca Meissner- Acting Lead Teacher: Year 3/Year 4