Chess competition

Mr Swan has garnered a very enthusiastic group of chess players during lunchtimes. The Savio classrooms have been the site of much energetic strategising and passionate attempts by students to outwit each other, and dedicated observers and supporters have enjoyed the games.

With lunchtime chess a popular fixture, the players decided to host a chess tournament for some real competitive experience.

The inaugural 7-10 House Chess competition involved 26 students. The House Team winner will be announced at the next 7-10 Assembly. Kosta Vasileiou and Chloe Wells are to be commended on their third and fourth placings. The individual winner remained in doubt all week as Year 10 students Trung Tran and Matthew Palmer, tied during the tournament itself, and drew a series of play-off games at lunchtime afterwards. The battle continued, until Trung was declared winner, at last.

Congratulations, Trung and all the chess players.