Christmas Eve Carols and Mass

Everyone is invited to join our old scholars and families in the traditional Christmas Eve Carols and Mass in the Dominic College Chapel.

DOSA legends Tony Webb and Diane Cerritelli carry on the tradition once more in 2019 with the wonderful support of many helpers and the special support of Anne Loring and the St John's parish musicians.

'We do this in memory of dear Br Peter Dezani, who so loved these occasions,' said Diane.

Carols will begin at 9.30pm and Mass will commence at 10pm. Following Mass there will be a supper to share. The supper will be held in the classroom right next door to the Chapel, Siena 5. this was a successful innovation last year, which all enjoyed.

'It won't be a late night,' said Tony. 'Not like the old "midnight mass"! But it will be a great occasion.'