Class of 1980 Reunion

The 40-years anniversary of the Year 10 Class of 1980 was held at Dominic College on Saturday 28 November.

This was just second reunion we have held at the College as we were unable to host reunions during much of the year with COVID precautions. Old scholars appreciated the opportunity to reconnect with the school, though numbers were reduced by travel difficulties still, with many Victorians unable to organise their trips in time and Tim Tenbensel sent his apologies from New Zealand.

Shani Goodluck did a great job in engaging with some enthusiasm a feisty bunch from 1980, including the nicest police commissioner on the roll, Tony Cerritelli. Of extra credit for this reunion was the attendance of two old teachers, Mr Chris Hatch (from the 1980s and 1990s) and Mr Patrick Naughtin (1970s and 1980s).

The group enjoyed a long catch up in the Basil Fox Room, with some champagne, beer and photos. Thank you to Mr Tony Webb and Ms Gilligan for helping to host, and thence Ms Gilligan gave all a tour of the school, beginning with the new facilities such as the Savio Centre, the new Creative Arts hubs of The Oratory Space and Fra Angelica as well as the old classrooms such as the Little Theatre and the Rathole (Rua Hub).

Everyone was impressed! When these students left the Middle School in 1979 to attend the Senior School (now GYC), the "New Electives Block" was just being built - Cooking was taught in the kitchen in the White House and art in a ordinary classroom.