Class of 2000 reunion

The 20-years reunion of the Year 10 Class of 2000 was held on Saturday 23 January at Dominic College. The reunion had been postponed for a few months because of the COVID pandemic and even at the end of 2021 the outbreaks in Sydney and Brisbane forced many of our interstate old scholars to rethink their schedules.

Those who could do so joined us to enjoy a friendly and funny afternoon, with refreshments and nibbles in the Basil Fox Room in Grantleigh, examining old school photos, recalling a few tall stories, and discussing the meaning of life.

Thanks to Mr Tony Webb who helped welcome them and to Dominic Principal, Ms Beth Gilligan, who talked to the former students and gave an interesting tour of the College.

The school was in the middle of preparations for the new school year, so there was digging, painting and repairs underway but the group enjoyed the visit and were impressed by the improvement in facilities (the old Savio Centre was new when they were here!) and courses offered (no Animal Husbandry or Japanese, in those days).

Old scholars especially enjoyed the playgrounds and courts, and there were several current parents who returned after 20 years to admit the odd detention or two...

You can see more photos on our gallery: 2000 Reunion.