College Library

It is my great privilege to be the new Teacher Librarian at Dominic College. Mrs Alston is also in the library as Library Assistant. The library is open from 8.15am to 4.30pm daily, and anyone in the Dominic Community is welcome.

The K-6 room is now open at lunchtimes for Years 3 and 4 on Tuesdays and Years 5 and 6 on Fridays. Students can eat their lunch on the new outdoor furniture, play board games or read.

The 7-10 room is also open every recess and lunch.

We have also been ordering more books, welcoming visitors, celebrating victories and working closely with class teachers to provide the best resources to students. We are always finding opportunities to pass on our experience in publishing and research to the children and continuing to reinforce the library as a place to go to ask questions as well as to enjoy stories.

If you are looking for suitable books, movies and games, Common Sense Media is an incredibly useful website. Books, movies and games are rated by age and given a brief review.

We also have a Dominic Library Website where you can browse the catalogue and put books on reserve.

Follow the links below to find these useful websites.!dashboard

Congratulations to Bosco 4 for winning the Book Return Awards for 2017, presented at this week’s assembly. Each year the pastoral group who returns all their library books first at the end of the year receives an award and a pizza lunch.

It is lovely to see students taking responsibility for returning school resources.

Ms Sarah Webb - College Librarian K-10