Congrats to Mrs Douglas

I would like to extend our congratulations to Mrs Linda Douglas, one of our Kindergarten Teachers and Launch into Learning Teachers, who has been recognised with the prestigious, Kate O’Driscoll Aspiring Leadership Award (KOALA) Scholarship.

The scholarship, which is managed by the Catholic Principals’ Association Tasmania (CPAT), will fund a significant professional learning for Linda. She will be attending the Early Childhood Australia’s (ECA) National Conference in September in Sydney. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Be the Difference for Children and Families.’

The program looks wonderful and it encompasses centre visits which will be highly beneficial for Dominic as we redefine our K-2 programs and also redefine our learning spaces.

On return, Linda will be sharing her insights with other K-2 teachers across our sector who will be invited to share in Linda’s insights from the Conference.

I am very grateful to CPAT for their support of Linda and their recognition of the ways she will undoubtedly use this opportunity for both Dominic College and other Catholic schools.

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal