Creative Arts Festival 2021

The tradition of curating an exhibition of student work in tandem with Performing Arts events has been evolving over a number of years at Dominic College. On the one hand, it allows some work to be created specifically for this event, but most importantly, it provides us with an opportunity to offer a snapshot of the creative activity that is occurring on a day-to-day basis at the College.

The Creative Arts Festival is certainly a celebration of student work, but it is also an opportunity to acknowledge that we should not be surprised that our students have skills as art-makers, performers, writers, photographers, dancers, musicians or playwrights. Nor should we be surprised at their ability to apply these skills and levels of creativity in other facets of their educational journey and their lives.

The experience of presenting and performing work in a professional venue, in the hub of Hobart’s artistic community, the Salamanca Arts Centre, is one that students in previous years have identified as a highlight. The Festival is also a springboard for our Creative Arts students to participate in enrichment extension opportunities in Music, Singing, Acting, Visual Arts, and Media. These Masterclasses, conducted by professional Arts Practitioners, begin with the Festival, and continue throughout Term 3.

At the centre of this event is our students.

We look forward to presenting the 2021 Creative Arts Festival 25-29 August, 2021.

Mr Mike O'Brien

Director of Creative Arts