​Da Vinci Decathlon Report

In Term 1, sixteen Year 8 students participated in the 2023 Year 7/8 Da Vinci Decathlon.

Throughout the day, students were engaged in ten challenges on ten different topics. It was great to see the students working as cohesive teams as they tackled the different challenges. And challenge is indeed the right word. One of the College’s teams won the English Award!

Dominic College Year 9 Team 1 took out the Creative Producer Award, the Code Breaking Award, and the Art & Poetry Award and finished fourth statewide. Year 9 Team 2 won the Cartography challenge and finished 5th statewide.

These results are truly exceptional and represent Dominic’s best performance. Every student who participated on Monday and Wednesday was nothing short of inspirational in the way they participated and represented their College with pride, dignity, and academic rigor. I would also like to express my gratitude to Miss Amy Fiddaman, Ms Bonnie Court, and Miss Katie Crawford for giving up their time during the busy last week of term to accompany me and our students

The bar has been set very high for next year’s competition!

Mr Mark Glidden - Lead Teacher: Co-Curriculum Secondary