Dance Baby Dance Finale

With less than a week to go until our Creative Arts Festival, Dominic College's K-2 students had a enjoyable week of dancing with the stars!

Students in Kindergarten, Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 had a dance intensive each day with old scholar and dance master, Andrew Palmer, and his son, Henry Cornish and daughter Lily.

Andrew and his family are each renowned award-winning dancers, and bring some high-energy and skills to all their work. The daily workshops build up to a double session of shows on Friday afternoon to parents and friends, from 5pm.

Families thronged the Savio Centre and enjoyed a lively show. In the Circle of Confidence students had the opportunity of adding their personal touch to the groups and almost all students participated. What a great week!

Here are some photos, from the practice sessions: Dance Baby Dance. And here are photos from Friday's show: Finale!

Andrew is an old scholar of Dominic College, Class of 1995, who moved to Melbourne and built his skills, reputation and eventually a highly-awarded and public profile in dance. We are very pleased he could return and share his enthusiasm for dance education with us.