Diamond Awards for 7-10 students

Yesterday at the Year 7-10 assembly, we recognised a number of achievements by our students. In particular, four students who are the recipients of our highly regarded Diamond Award were recognised.

Students who receive the Diamond Award have achieved a perfect score of a grade point average of 5/5 on each of the College Expectations of attitude, contribution, organisation and respect in every single subject they are studying.

The Diamond Awards were presented to Cally Spangler, Ellie Newland, Sean Cruz and our College Captain Dillon Wilson. They join Piper Queen who was recognised earlier in the Term for her achievement of the Diamond Award. This award reflects a tremendous consistency and high level of sustained focus by these students.

Thirteen more students were recognised as just short of a Diamond status with a very high grade point average of over 4.975 including Blake Mills, Danica Ellis, Jack Perry, Lily Banks, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Ella Ratcliffe, Holly Van Lierop, Amy Eiszele, Finlay Graham, John Harry, Kate Jones, Sona Sojan, and Chloe Wells.

All of these students are to be congratulated on their outstanding efforts and excellent commitment to their studies.

Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal