Dominic Animal Husbandry at Bushy Park Show

The Animal Husbandry Show Team have attended their first show at the Bushy Park Show where they showed either sheep or miniature ponies. All students and animals did a fantastic job, making the school very proud and coming away with some prizes. Bella Davis won the Champion Handler Class and Bella Rime achieved Reserve Champion.

Here is what some of the show team have to say about the experience:

‘Bushy Park Show was great small show, we liked how the judge gave us lots of feedback on our sheep and our actions. Everyone was so supportive and friendly towards everyone’ - Kaylee Strange and Charlotte Ransley

‘I liked that we got to spend a lot of time bonding with the sheep we were going to show, and that they had the curly potatoes on a stick, they will forever be the tastiest thing to get at a show.’ - Bella Davis.

‘I enjoyed going to the Bushy Park show. I was able to spend time with animals, bond with them, and learn more about them.’ - Bella Rime.

‘I had loads of fun at the Bushy Park Show on the Saturday!! I’m glad I could be a part of something so enjoyable. What I thought was fun at the show was being able to be a part of showing the ponies with Ella and Holly, and loads more people! Also for winning the ribbons, and to be able to look back on and be able to say I was a part of that. I learnt so many different things while being there and built on what I already knew about ponies. My favourite part of the day would be taking care of the ponies, showing them and for spending time with the animals, teachers and my friends.’ - Sophie Burke.

‘My favourite part of the Bushy Park Show was hanging out with the animals and my friends, as well as showing the sheep.’ - Blair White.

‘I liked the Bushy Park Show because of the events that went on through the day like the guy with the chainsaw making wood statues.’ - Harrison Brown.

‘My favourite part of the Bushy Park Show was being able to experience showing the ponies and spend time with them. I liked taking care of the ponies and spending time with my friends and teachers. I learnt a lot of new things, like how to properly take care of a pony. I also learnt more about the importance of taking care of all animals, they need a lot more than food and water. They need shelter, love and support.’ - Ella Fenton.

Ms Jane Myers - Lead Teacher: Science