Dominic College 50 Year Anniversary Celebration

This year we mark the celebration of 50 years as Dominic College. The Dominican Sisters and the Salesians of Don Bosco merged their Glenorchy schools in 1973 and we are all fortunate to be here as current students, staff and community members in 2023 embracing the traditions of these two wonderful charisms.

We are blessed to have Sister Pam, who was one of the Deputy Principals of Dominic College in 1973 when the schools joined together, and Sister Mary, a Dominican Sister as an active and visible presence at our College. We are grateful to them both for their continued presence in our Dominic community over the years and for the love and cheer they continue to show to young people in their work. Our Dominican Sisters and Salesians are held with great affection in the hearts of our past and present students and staff for their many years of making Dominic College a HOME where people feel safe, a PLAYGROUND where we can all have fun and build friendships, a PARISH where we can pray, reflect and grow spiritually, and a SCHOOL where we continue to learn and grow as citizens. Each of them has entrusted their work into God’s hands and helped to build the wonderful school community that we have today.

This year we will have opportunities to pay tribute to all those people who have been part of the Dominic family as staff, Old Scholars, families and friends. We will give thanks for their generous service in guiding our students to be honest, respectful, responsible learners and people of service in our local and global community. We will do this through our Masses and Feast Days this year, and at our Dominic College Fair in Term 4 which we are excited to have again this year after a brief hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Mr Steve Casni