Dominic College Medical students

Old scholars and current medical students, Aleisha Herington (2013) and Eliza Nolan (2009) talked with a group of Year 10 students who are interested in studying medicine in a few years.

Eight keen Year 10 students were given an insight into how to maximise their chances of achieving their goals, in an hour's one-to-one with Eliza and Aleisha - what subjects to select in years 11 & 12, how to develop solid study skills and how to go about preparing for the Undergraduate Medical and Health Professionals Admissions Test (UMAT) which they will need to sit in Year 12, including how much study time you do need to put aside.

Sam Ryan said their experience was valuable.'It prepared me for what to expect if I venture into the field of medicine.'

'They both gave strong feedback and guidance and I personally feel more confident towards the future. The meeting conveyed a variety of topics in medicine,' Sona Sojan.

'I found the session was very interesting. I learnt about the medical course itself and different ways of approaching the degree. As well as gaining a better understanding of what the course entails and what is required for the course,' said Jack Harry, College Vice-captain.

Aleisha (in her first year) and Eliza (researching for her honours after three years, before continuing her degree) both were able to convey the excitement and the mundane. Aleisha has just begun her practical anatomy, but reports the medical department make the transition for students very well. There were times when she wondered what she had choisen but she was now settled in and loving it.

Eliza has enjoyed the studies more and more, as she has expanded her horizons to encompass public health and macro- and global perspectives.

Thank you for talking to our students and giving them some advice from their almost peers.