Dominic College presents: Steve Biddulph

On Wednesday night, 11 April, the Dominic College Community were blessed with a presentation from world-famous author and speaker, Mr Steve Biddulph, on Raising Boys.

Steve was an amazing presenter. He talked about the evolution of boys and men and offered many ideas and suggestions on how we can best mould the next generation of young men.

In particular he spoke about the current relationships many boys have with their dads and how this needs to improve.

Steve had 4 key points to focus on when helping young men develop.

  1. Play with them - give them your time.
  2. Enjoy some rough and tumble - teach them boundaries.
  3. Teach them to respect women - through actions and words.
  4. Honour their tender feelings - help them understand how to acknowledge and control their emotions.

Thanks to the EMPOWER Team for bringing Steve to Dominic and to the Dominic Parents & Friends for generously subsidising tickets to the event.

We look forward to locking in a Raising Girls session later in the year: it will be one not to miss. Steve released the brand new update of Raising Boys on Wednesday night. It sold out instantly. Steve has dropped off 30 more copies to the College Office. They have sold out, too!

Mr Aaron Davey - Coordinator of Pastoral Care 7-10