Dominic College students perform in Seniors Week

Dominic College students made a Seniors Week visit to Glenview Nursing Home last week.

Dominic College has developed a strong relationship with Glenview Nursing Home in recent years. Students have participated in their lantern festival, performed concerts for the residents and helped hang Christmas decorations, and in return, residents have come to the College to watch a variety of different performances.

On Wednesday the 5/6 Choir and the Blue DUCK (Dominic Ukulele Cool Kids) Club ventured to Glenview to perform as part of a concert for the residents to celebrate Seniors Week.

The DUCK club played four songs, which were all known to the residents, and they relished in the opportunity to sing along with the students. One resident even had their own ukulele! The 5/6 Choir performed Dig a little Deeper and Shackleton, which were enjoyed by the audience. Students were then able to sit and enjoy some other talented college students who performed for Seniors Week, too.

Following the concert, our students had the opportunity to talk to the residents as they joined them for a BBQ lunch.
Miss Katherine Hewitt K-6 Coordinator of Pastoral Care