Dominic College's Odd Couple

This term Year 9/10 Drama students present Neil Simon's 'Odd Couple' in the first production by Dominic College's The Oratory Ensemble.

The Oratory Ensemble, is the name of a production company that gives Dominic College students experience as performers, stage managers, theatre designers, lighting and sound operators as well learn to ushering and run front-of-house.

In an ensemble, there are no, ‘stars’. No matter if you are playing the main role or being a ‘spear carrier,’ everyone’s contribution is equally important and equally valued.

The Oratory Ensemble will present two productions in Semester 1; one at the end of Term 1 and another the end of Term 2. Casting is complete for the first outing, a production of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple: The Female Version.

The original odd couple, Oscar and Felix, have been rewritten and now Olive and Florence are the incompatible room-mates, forced to share an apartment and learn about the strains that domesticity can extract on even the strongest friendship.

Our own odd couple are Jackie Van Lierop and Sarah Wright, ably supported by Alyssa Grealish, Cassandra McLoughlin, Yianni Kokkinoftos and Kate Young. In this version, the token males in the castare Nathan Causby and Tyler Duggan.

Performances are Tuesday March 31 and Wednesday April 1 at 7pm in the Oratory Space. Tickets are free but should be booked at

Come along and support this new venture. The Oratory Space will be set up as theatre-in-the-round. Be great to see our stalwart Drama old scholars there to support us.

Mike O’Brien, Director of Creative Arts K-10