Dominic Old Scholars Association update

All physical activities of the Dominic Old Scholars Association have been cancelled or suspended by the DOSA Committee, as the community would expect.

This has included the regular Committee meetings, social occasions, the inaugural Dominic/DOSA Trivia Quiz night, arrangements for the DOSA Football season launch and Round 1, and the Daisy Thomas Sportsman's Night.

The cancellation/suspension of Dominic College creative arts performances, normally attended by old scholars, including that of the Dominic Senior Drama elective students' performances of Neil Simon's the Odd Couple, and the probable future cancellation of many performances in Term 2, are also so disappointing for the community, as are the cancellations of Easter services and of ANZAC Day services.

School visits and tours have been suspended. Please email if you would like an individual or very small group tour, which can be scheduled when circumstances improve.

Reunions for the Classes of 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010 are currently scheduled for the second half of the year - the earliest being in July - or have not been scheduled yet. Promotions and planning for these reunions has been suspended pending improved conditions and changes to guidelines regarding travel and social gatherings. You may like to join the Facebook groups set up for individual class reunions (See Reunions for links) or email for details.

While activities are suspended, DOSA would love you to stay in touch through our DOSA Facebook page, and we would welcome your input, stories or photos by emailing

You can also register with DOSA or advise of new addresses, mobiles or emails at Update your details.