Dominiku Daiko performs at the CAF launch

Congratulations to the nine dedicated students who committed to participating in a 10 week course of taiko drumming, followed up by a performance at the Opening of the Creative Arts Festival on Wednesday.

Noella Irumva, Tara Davie, Doyle Browning, Daniel Nguyen, Eli Morrison, Alex Bourne, Matilda Watson, Brielle Cusick and Abbey Turner, each gave up their own time to travel to the drumming dojo each Tuesday to learn taiko drumming techniques, and memorise a piece to play. They did a wonderful job!

The drumming tuition was provided free of charge to the students, funded by a combination of a grant from the Asia Institute at the University of Tasmania and Dominic College. The group was accompanied each week by taiko enthusiast Japanese teachers Aran sensei (Mrs Susie Allan) and Kumashiro sensei (Mrs Belinda Kumashiro) and Dominic College old scholar Ben Dowling.

Thank you to the P&F for purchasing our own set of taiko drums this year (most are still on their way from Japan), so we will be able to offer this amazing opportunity to even more students in the future.

We would like to express our gratitude to the generous members of Taiko Drum, Amy, Belinda, Matt and Hayden for teaching us all and sharing their love of taiko drumming.

Mrs Belinda Kumashiro - Japanese Teacher K-10