DOSA Football Club wine offer

Dominic College, the Dominic Old Scholars Association and the DOSA Football Club have a great partnership and support each other in their endeavours. With the Old Scholar Football Association roster unable to commence so far this year, DOSA Football have not only been unable to get started with their football season but finances are more difficult without the weekend games.

Now you can support the club and enjoy some fine wines, with this valuable offer from DOSA Football and Zilzie Wines.

Co-president, Mr Cameron Golding, says the Zilzie BTW Wines from the Murray Darling region in Victoria are top quality and he enjoys them each year.

"By ordering your wine through DOSA Football you'll get a good deal and help this great family club through these hard times."

The deadline for your order is 31 May and you'll need to pay at the time of placing your orders. The wine will be supplied in June. You can download an order form here: DOSA Football Wine Drive Order Form.

For further information please contact Cam Golding - 0431059901 or