DOSA Football news

DOSA Football's first month has been frenetic. Each week has seen different celebrations, and some great early season form displayed.

Four old scholars played their first game, and one played his 363rd game on Saturday 7 April! The Old Scholars Football Association commenced with DOSA hosting University at the TCA and four recent old scholars made a fine debut. Damon Curtain (2015), Lucas Henderson (2015), Owen Arrowsmith (2015) and Trent Henderson (2014) represented DOSA for the first time in the reserves game. The four played well, with Trent strong down back, Owen and Lucas performed and Damon was notable all over the ground and one of the best. The reserves had a strong win 20 15 135 to 4 4 28.

In the seniors, old scholar Brendan Loveless (Class of 1990) was presented with a special jumper with the number 363 on the back, as he was playing his record-breaking 363rd game for DOSA. The previous record holder, with 362 games, was Tom Jarvis who badly wanted to be there, but has been in hospital.

After dropping six goals behind in the first quarter, DOSA turned the game around and finished strongly to win 14 13 97 to 12 10 82.

You can see photos from the games here: DOSA v Uni

The second round saw the seniors go down to Richmond at Richmond on Easter Thursday in a night game, but the reserves played well and got home.

The 3rd round was back at DOSA's beautiful TCA home ground, and celebrations were embraced not only for a great win by both teams over old rivals St Virgil's, but several milestones, including old scholar Damon Curtain, Class of 2015, making his senior debut for DOSA after sizzling in the reserves for the first two rounds. As well it was a milestone game for Michael Robinson (1996) playing his 200th, and James Cerritelli (2008) playing his 100th.

You can see more photos from the game here: DOSA v St Virgil's

Then on the last Saturday of the term break in the game against OHA, Dominic College teacher, DOSA legend and old scholar, Mr Aaron Davey (1999) played game 200. The seniors managed an exciting win, and Mr Davey was amongst the best on ground in a solid display of defensive strength and strategy in the centre. Two hundered games - what an achievement!

You can see some photos here: DOSA v OHA 29 April.