DOSA Grand Finals success

The Dominic Old Scholars Association (DOSA) Football Club defeated Richmond in both the Old Scholars Football grand finals on Saturday 21 September. Back to back premierships in Seniors and Reserves! What a day! The final scores were:

Reserves - DOSA 11 13 79 Richmond 8 13 61
Seniors - DOSA 14 14 98 Richmond 8 8 56

In the early game Mr Davey (1999) and Mr Golding (1999) starred with piercing attack and hard work around the ball. Mr Golding kicked four goals! DOSA built a strong first half lead and repelled waves of Richmond attack as they threw everything at DOSA, who prevailed amid great excitement.

In the seniors, Mr Crick was outstanding, and Justin O’Brien (2001) won Best on Ground. The team started strongly going five goals up early and held a dominant position throughout.

Special congratulations to the two playing premiership coaches, Patrick Carroll (1999) and Justin Veitch (2000) (right). These two players, and leaders, have carried on a remarkable tradition of consistent, hard work to achieve on-field and off-field success for the club.

Thank you also for the wonderful support from family, students and old scholars on the day and throughout the season. Go Roosters!

You can see photos from the games and celebrations on our website galleries: Seniors and Reserves