Double reunion Saturday

The College hosted two groups of former students on Saturday 28 November.

The Year 10 Class of 1995 were having a big dance party at SoHo in the evening, but some of the group asked for a tour of the College in the afternoon, and we are always happy to help!

Champion organiser, Emily Wilkins, has looked after the organisation for the last 12 months had gathered record participants and a number of interstate visitors returning for the weekend. Old scholars Mr Tony Webb (DOSA Committee Chairman) and Diane Byrne (Cerritelli) were kindly on hand to welcome students - Diane was the mum of Rowena , who was unable to attend, but knew many of her daughter's classmates.

1995 was the first year students were in Year 10 at the Tolosa Street complex, being the first year GYC operated. Dominic's boarders had gone, and the Year 10s (and 11s and 12s) were no longer at Bowden Street.

They were pleased to see the development of facilities at the College, guided on the tour by College Principal, Beth Gilligan, and a number thought, wistfully, they wouldn't mind being students here once more - especially after seeing the facilities now available to students, both in advanced technology, and in comfort.

Ten years only has passed since the Class of 2005 graduated, and many of these old scholars have only recently graduated from university, or are in the early days of their careers (or their show business lives, in Danielle's case).

They were all still freshly recognisable, and they - especially the boys - seemed suddenly back in school mode, joking and checking for remnants of their lives here. One old scholar was even searching in the roof for a stool and a sandwich he had hidden up there ten years ago - but couldn't remember exactly which ceiling panel his stash was behind.

The College Principal took the old scholars through the old and the many new buildings. A new Savio Centre, a new Chapel, a new Dezani Design Centre, a new Dance and Drama space, a new kitchen, a new student hub… in just ten years!

Thank you to Alicia Sargent for organising everything and looking after her classmates.

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