DVCB Spring School at Dominic

During the first week of holidays the Derwent Valley Concert Band held its annual Spring School for the first time at Dominic College, utilizing the new state-of-the-art facilities in Fra Angelico.

This was the largest attendance thus far for the Spring School with approximately 120 students from around Tasmanian in attendance and with 10 students from Dominic College participating.

The Spring School went for three days, including rehearsals, expert tuition and a concert.

The students were split into three separate concert bands according to their skills level with a beginner, intermediate and senior concert band under the direction of Frances White, Nathaniel Griffiths and renowned local conductor Simon Reid.

As well as having the opportunity to work with such fine musical directors, students also worked with instrumental specialists receiving high quality tuition from accomplished and seasoned musicians.

On the third day the bands were able to showcase the fruits of their labour in a spectacular concert that afternoon held in the Savio Centre. All three bands were impressive, successfully performing repertoire above and beyond the expected standard, impressing musicians and audience members alike. It was amazing to see and hear the high standard of music created in just three days of work.

A special congratulations to Dominic College Year 5 student Taylah Bernes who was awarded a scholarship which includes a free pass for the next two years of DVCB Spring Schools as well as membership with the DVCB Development Band. And thank you to Mr Jim Taylor, member of the Dominic College Council and DVCB member, for being the middle man and making this particular event possible.

Mr Martin Smith - Music Teacher K-8 & Band Director