End of Year Award winners

Congratulations to all our wonderful Subject and Special Award winners.

The ceremony and presentations on Friday 24 November were very special and the addition of performing arts pieces as well as the induction of the great Michael Lampard into Dominic College's Hall of Achievement added to the spectacle.

The improved visual access thanks to projection of live action on the big screen was a successful innovation.

Here is a list of the Award winners:


Year 6 Religious Education Hannah Lane MacDonald
Year 7 Religious Education Ariarne Roberts
Year 8 Religious Education Sarah Fitzpatrick
Year 9 Religious Education Jak Gutteridge
Year 10 Religious Education Kalia Combs


Year 6 English Alexa Sayer
Year 7 English Cassandra McLoughlin
Year 8 English Sharni Stoward
Year 9 English Grace Fredheim
Year 10 English Ellie Newland
Year 9/10 Creative Writing Jak Gutteridge


Year 6 Mathematics Noah Oliver
Year 7 Mathematics Kelsea Cano Calderon
Year 8 Mathematics Sarah Fitzpatrick
Year 9 Mathematics Mikaela Cruz
Year 10 Mathematics Nikita Lane
Year 9/10 Essential Maths Adam Johansen
Year 9/10 General Maths Abbey Williams
Year 9/10 Maths Extended Mathew Sojan
Year 10 Maths 10A Plus Nikita Lane


Year 6 Science Sarah O’Reilly
Year 7 Science Kelsea Cano Calderon
Year 8 Science Ella Fitzpatrick
Year 9 Science Ella Mollineaux
Year 10 Science Shiona Kondo
Year 9/10 Animal Husbandry Melanie Casboult
Year 9/10 Physical Science Ellie Newland
Year 9/10 Life Science: The Study of Biology Megan Brennan


Year 6 History Priyanka Jibi
Year 7 History Lachlan Kerstan
Year 7 Geography Max Brideson
Year 8 History Sarah Fitzpatrick
Year 8 Geography Sarah Fitzpatrick
Year 9 History Mikaela Cruz
Year 10 History Annalise Ball
Year 9/10 Commerce Kalia Combs
Year 9/10 Child Studies Amber Burns
Year 9/10 Introduction to Psychology and Sociology Mikaela Cruz


Year 6 Japanese Xin Chan
Year 7 Japanese Max Brideson
Year 8 Japanese Sarah Fitzpatrick
Year 9/10 Japanese Benjamin Dowling


Year 6 Health & Physical Education Kitean Aitken
Year 7 Health & Physical Education Hannah Maw
Year 8 Health & Physical Education Maddison Cockerill
Year 9 Health & Physical Education Bayley Downham
Year 10 Health & Physical Education Felicia Di Carlo
Year 9/10 Athletic Development Connor Murray
Year 9/10 Sports Science Lauren Banks
Year 9/10 Adventure Recreation Jak Gutteridge


Year 6 Visual Art Yianna Kokkinoftas
Year 7 Visual Art Phoebe Le Fevre
Year 8 Visual Art Sarah Fulton
Year 9/10 Visual Art Shiona Kondo
Year 6 Music Zoelle Lin
Year 7 Music Sarah Wright
Year 8 Music Jarrod Good
Year 9/10 Music Julia Narracott
Year 6 Drama Rachael Glidden
Year 7 Drama Sarah Wright
Year 8 Drama Matilda McGovern
Year 9/10 Drama Alex Simpson
Year 8 Dance Alyssa Mustchin
Year 9/10 Dance George Pongco Jr
Year 9/10 Media Studies Lukas Bird


Year 7 Home Economics Sarah Wright
Year 8 Home Economics Sharni Stoward
Year 9/10 Food Studies Noella Irumva
Year 10 Advanced Food Studies Demi Harding
Year 7 Digital Technologies Harry Breslin
Year 8 Digital Technologies Abbie Hayden
Year 9/10 Information Technology Nikita Lane
Year 9/10 Robotics & Gamemaking Blake Appleby
Year 7 Materials, Design and Technology Shakirra Cate
Year 8 Design in Wood Billie Green
Year 8 Design in Metal Angelica Matusewicz
Year 9/10 Design in Wood Abby Muskett
Year 9/10 Design in Metal James Foster


VET Certificate I in Construction Owen Hole
VET Certificate II in Engineering Pathways Jacob Steele
VET Certificate I in AgriFoods Operations Bradley Atkinson


ICAS Awards

Spelling Year 2 Sebastian Smith
English Year 7 Oscar Breslin
Maths Year 7 Oscar Breslin

Ng Lavelle Family Academic Achievement Award

Year 7 Oscar Breslin
Year 8 James Lane MacDonald
Year 9 Blake Appleby
Year 10 Nikita Lane

Don Bosco Excellence Award for Best All-round Academic Achievement

Year 6 Boys Noah Oliver
Year 6 Girls Hannah Lane MacDonald

Jade Award for Best All-round Academic Student

Year 7 Girls Kelsea Cano Calderon
Year 8 Girls Sarah Fitzpatrick
Year 9 Girls Mikaela Cruz

The Sydney Grubb Memorial Award for Best All-round Academic Student

Year 7 Boys Max Brideson

The Fr Peter Carroll SDB Award for Best All-round Academic Student

Year 8 Boys Peter Swan

The Cerritelli Family Award for Best All-round Academic Student

Year 9 Boys Mathew Sojan


The GYC Bursary Lukas Bird
VET GYC Bursary Owen Hole
The Australian Defence Force: Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award Lukas Bird
The Pierre de Coubertin Award Felicia Di Carlo
CALTEX Best All-rounder Kalia Combs
Rector's Award for Leadership in the Salesian Tradition Jack Breward
Fr Kevin O’Mara SDB Sporting Commitment Felicia Di Carlo
Fr Kevin O’Mara SDB Sporting Commitment Dylan Price
Sr Pamela Davis OP Outstanding Achievement in Creative Arts Julia Narracott
Fr Kevin O'Leary SDB Outstanding Achievement in Creative Arts Alex Simpson
Caroline Chisholm Distinguished Community Service Award Julia Narracott
St John Bosco Distinguished Community Service Award Benjamin Dowling
St Catherine of Siena Academic Student of the Year Award Nikita Lane
St Dominic Guzman Academic Student of the Year Award Connor Murray
St Mary MacKillop Outstanding Leadership Award Felicia Di Carlo
St Dominic Savio Outstanding Leadership Award Year 10 Boys Noah McGovern
Br Peter Dezani SDB Best All-round Student Award Julia Narracott

You can see all the award-winners here: Award winners gallery.

You can see mor photos from the ceremony here: Award winners ceremony.