Feast Day 1 May

On Wednesday 1 May, we celebrated the lives and great contributions of our patron saints Don Bosco and Dominic Savio. We entered this celebration knowing that we are part of a community that is based on love, friendship and unity in Jesus Christ.

For Don Bosco, he believed that Jesus was the centre of the life of a school. It was through Jesus Christ that the unity was maintained within the school community. As part of our Feast Day, we celebrated by having the Eucharist with the Mass. This was so important for Don Bosco and Dominic Savio and why it is so important here at Dominic College. It is the sign of unity we all share as sisters and brothers in the Salesian family, and it is also the way unity and community can be maintained.

I would like to thank the students and staff for helping to make our Feast Day Mass so special through their participation and reverence.

Mrs Alicia McMahon - Director of Faith & Mission K-10

It was an amazing day which included Mass, salad rolls and games.

The day for 7-10 students began with House assemblies and then the Amazing Race. Teams were split into House, Year and then gender groups and competed in activities and challenges across the school and if completed, they collected one of many puzzle pieces. Congratulations to Bosco House who won the 7-10 Amazing Race.

After recess we went to Mass to celebrate the lives and contributions of two of our saints, St Don Bosco, a priest who worked with the young and St Dominic Savio, a student who held strong religious beliefs and studied with Don Bosco. During Mass many inspiring words were shared.

Lunch consisted of a salad roll made by volunteers in our kitchen.

After lunch was the Dominic Cup in which many different games and activities were set up on the football oval. Students competed in homerooms and earned points for their House. Congratulations to Siena House who took home the 3-6 Dominic Cup and Guzman House who won the 7-10 Cup.

The Feast Day was inspired by what St Don Bosco used to do when dedicating his life to help serving others. Overall the day was enjoyable and many laughs and smiles were shared. A big thank you to everyone involved!

Chey-Anne Davis-Williams - Siena Mission Captain 7-10

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