Food, glorious food

Individual choice cooking lessons are always popular in both Food Studies and Advanced Food classes. It is amazing to see what people create when given the freedom to choose.

Students select or adapt recipes to meet certain requirements. In Food Studies, students have completed a tried and tested recipe and individual curries.

The most popular choice for the curry recipe was butter chicken. Melanie Cook and Noella Irumva both took the time to make and present flatbread to accompany their curry dish. A huge thank you needs to be given to Mrs Baker for ensuring all ingredients are available on the day.

Coming soon will be take away foods and novelty cakes.

Our Year 10 Advanced Food Studies class focus on plating and presenting their individual choice recipes. They have undertaken a finger food presentation and recently finished their dessert presentations.

Students were required to plan for, and prepare a recipe; plating and appropriately presenting two serves.

Staff were invited to sample the food and provide feedback to students. Some examples include Thai meatballs, curry puffs, cob loaf, chocolate trifle and macarons. Melanie Casboult’s vanilla slice was a favourite among staff as someone asked if it “could be made every week?”

In the last term, students have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills by catering an afternoon tea for family and friends.

The Advanced Food Studies class were offered the chance to experience a Hospitality Master class at Guilford Young College with VET teacher Mrs Lynda Williams. Students put into practice their knife skills to successfully brunoise an onion, chiffonnade basil and concasse a tomato to make Bruschetta.

A Pina Colada Mocktail finished off the dish nicely. These opportunities are significant for students as they are currently thinking about subject selections, career options and work placement in the near future.

Miss Jane Gysen - Applied Studies Teacher