Getting ready for VET Hospitality at Dominic College

Dominic College is offering an exciting new elective course for Year 10 students who are interested in entering the Hospitality industry.

SIT10216 Certificate I in Hospitality will offer Dominic College students real life exposure to the Hospitality industry by providing foundational technical kitchen skills, including learning to prepare dishes and how to properly maintain a kitchen.

Students’ skills will be put into ‘real-life’ practice through opportunities to assist with a range of College functions.

Mr Cameron Golding, who is leading the course in 2019, said that excursions to local restaurants will be a highlight for students, as well as visits from local chefs.

“The Certificate I in Hospitality offers many future career opportunities for students wishing to enter diverse areas of Hospitality, such as working in a commercial kitchen, Patisserie, Butchery, Cheese Making, Catering, Food Services or working as a Barista”, advised Mr Golding.

Internationally renowned chef and Dominic College old scholar, Massimo Mele, also studied Certificate I in Hospitality in his tertiary college years and was pleased Dominic is now offering this elective. Mr Mele was the College’s guest speaker at their recent International Men’s Day Breakfast and spoke about the huge opportunities a pathway in hospitality can open for students

“This course is a great hands-on experience for students who are keen on entering the industry,” Mr Mele said. “It gives students a great taste of what’s to come in their future.”

The Certificate 1 qualification provides a pathway for students’ future study in Certificate II Kitchen Operations/Certificate II in Hospitality, Certificate III in Commercial Cookery and Certificate IV Commercial Cookery.

Beth Gilligan, Dominic College’s Principal, said that the College’s foundation for Food Studies commenced in their K-6 with their Mamma Margaret Kitchen-Garden program and its own dedicated kitchen.

Ms Gilligan said that, “Food Studies has been a popular course at Dominic for over a decade and students’ pathway into VET Hospitality at Guilford Young College has been highly successful.”

She further noted that, “Our students are ready now to commence their VET in Year 10 and it will be exciting to call on the generosity of guest chefs such as Massimo Mele to enrich student learning.”