Gifted Get Together

On Wednesday 14 March, 11 of our students joined 86 students from Catholic primary schools at the Gifted Get Together organised by the TCEO in Hobart.

Students chose two workshops to attend, from Creative Writing, Creative Thinking, Technology, Science, Drama and Mathematics.

Science was a very popular choice and it was one of the more challenging workshops where students looked at spontaneous and non-spontaneous chemical reactions.

Students also used electrolysis to force copper out of its blue solution and onto the surface of a 5 cent coin, making the coin turn a reddish brown.

Another popular workshop choice was Drama, which was run by Old Scholar Tony Webb (left).

This workshop had students create a scene using just the title as stimulus.

Some of the students reported why they enjoyed the day:

It was fun getting together with other schools to do the workshops. Bella Strang-Quin 6B

I enjoyed making a paper structure in Technology and doing a spacewalk in Drama. Taylah Bernes 5A

The best part of the day was doing puzzles in maths and meeting students from other schools. Agnes Nyirahabimana 6B

I enjoyed the experiments in Science and the acting in drama. Jessica Appleby 6B

Ms Leesa Baker - Teacher Assistant 3-6