Hall of Achievement 2022

The Dominic College Hall of Achievement aims to celebrate the history of the school and the lives of the people who have been shaped by their education at Dominic College, and its precursors, Boys’ Town, Savio College and Holy Name College.

The College gives thanks for the blessing of the lives of these old scholars who are part of a great Salesian and Dominican story and a rich part of Dominic College. The men and women honoured in the Hall of Achievement support the ethos of Dominic College and are inspirational models to our students. They have demonstrated the qualities of excellence or leadership in their chosen field and are respected and acknowledged.

In our annual Years 6-10 Awards ceremony we recognise the achievements of our students with subject awards and special awards for commitment to Academic, Mission, Creative Arts and Sports goals. We also induct two special old scholars into the Dominic College Hall of Achievement, recognising their achievements post-school. In our 2022 induction on Wednesday 23 November 2022 we inducted MsKate Smith and DoctorSamuel Dixinto the Dominic College Hall of Achievement.

Dr Samuel Dix (1999) is a professional archaeologist, now based in Melbourne, but who has worked extensively in many locations around the world, including the Middle East, England and the Australian outback. Unfortunately, Sam is disappointed that he cannot be with us in person today and we thank his parents who will accept the award on his behalf.

Dr Dix was very passionate about archaeology and history while he was at school and this passion was encouraged by his parents and by his teachers. He continued his academic studies at university, while working to save for historical trips overseas. Sam returned to Dominic College in 2018 to launch National Archaeology Week at Dominic College where our students enjoyed tutorials and excavations from experts in archaeology and related disciplines.

Dr Dix completed his PhD with the support of the awarding of an Australian Research Council Laureate Scholarship, publishing his studies of the rock art of Djuliri people of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

Ms Kate Smith (nee Talbot 1995) has worked extensively in Australia, the Pacific and in Asia as a public health specialist for international health organisations, such as the Red Cross, and the Australian government.

From a young age, Kate volunteered with her parents in the local community, helping those in need. At Dominic College she helped start the first St Vincent de Paul “Vinnies” group and became president in Year 8. Kate recognized that she could not only be a useful citizen but had power to help change the world.

Kate studied nursing at the University of Tasmania and her first overseas trip and first full time job was in Cambodia with the Red Cross, in squatter slums. After returning Kate completed a Masters in Public Health at James Cook University. Kate experienced personal tragedy in the Solomon Islands when her husband died in a diving accident. Kate continues to work for the Department of Foreign Affairs managing a team to help deliver Australia’s vaccine and health security investments.

Dr Dix was unable to attend the ceremony but was represented by his parents and gave a speech to the assembly by video. Ms Smith had some of her children and he parents with her and gave a wonderful speech to the assembly on the importance of volunteering at school and afterwards, and be open to trying to travel and experience new things in life, despite the challenges and setbacks which life can bring.

The Dominic College Hall of Achievement is situated in the Rua Hub and is also on our website here: Hall of Achievement.