Holiday Reading is Important

Research has found that when children read extensively they become better writers. It also helps them become more aware of some of the issues, ideas and facts about the world around them.

Reading a variety of genres helps students learn text structures, vocabulary and language techniques that they can then transfer to their own writing.

Reading can also serve as a wonderful source of entertainment as well as help reduce stress.

At Dominic College, teachers across the year levels and subjects encourage students to read a wide variety of books regularly and for enjoyment. While many students adopt a regular reading routine during term time, it is vital that they continue to read throughout their school breaks.

With the school holidays quickly approaching, it is time for students to start getting their holiday reading organized. There are several ways to do this for students in 7-10.

Recently, the Rotary Club of Salamanca generously donated boxes full of highly engaging novels. Bookshelves and displays of these novels can be found in every 7-10 English classroom. Students can quickly access these books, take them home for holiday reading and return them when they are finished.

Our College Library is open at various times throughout the day so students can scour the stacks of novels and check out books tailored to their specific tastes. Books can also be reserved online through their student portals.

If your child is having trouble finding something interesting to read, suggest that they ask their friends what they have enjoyed recently. Exchanging books with friends is a terrific strategy to get students talking about what they have been reading. Research tells us that when a child talks about what he/she has read, their comprehension levels flourish.

Public libraries, like the one in Glenorchy, offer a range of books for the entire family.

There is nothing better than finding a really good book; however, sometimes this is a real challenge. The online website Goodreads allows individuals to pour over the database of books and reviews to facilitate them creating their own reading lists.

We encourage all students at Dominic College to become passionate readers. The winter break is the perfect opportunity to snuggle up with a good book while maintaining regular reading habits.

Mrs Janet Marcenko - Coordinator of Teaching & Learning 7-10