Indonesia-Australia teacher bridge

Mrs Anna Cazaly and I are currently taking part in the Asia Education Foundation Bridge program which brings together teachers from a number of schools globally to connect.

Anna and I are part of the Indonesian–Australia Partnership which is the largest component of the program. Along with 38 others we met our partner teachers who had already arrived on Sunday night. They have spent some time acclimatising to the weather and the Australian culture.

Our lovely partner teachers are Triyananingrum and Ratna Noviyanti, but have asked to be called Miss Ana and Miss Ratna during their stay at Dominic College.

They come from a school population of approximately 50 students so they are looking forward to visiting our much larger school! They would like to touch the snow (no problem there I think ), stay warm, see some native fauna and try some local food. They are very interested to explore and observe the structure of our daily life at Dominic. I am sure you join Anna and I in welcoming them to Dominic and the wider community.

Selamat datang Bu Ratna dan Bu Ana. Kami ingin menyambut ibu-ibu ke sekolah kami dan akan menikmati kununjungan anda bersama kami.