International Women's Day breakfast 2019

Thank you to the members of the Dominic College community who joined together for our International Women’s Day Breakfast on Tuesday morning. It was a brilliant gathering with 250 people in attendance and a great atmosphere of celebration and solidarity with women and girls across the globe.

Our special guest and Old Scholar, Jessica Sargent who is a well-known Mercury journalist, spoke eloquently about the opportunities and challenges for girls and young women today. She presented as a great role model of a young working mother.

Well done to all in our community for generously raising $3,818 for scholarships for girls to attend school at the Don Bosco High School on the island of Salelologa in Samoa. This is yet another powerful example of our community making a deep difference in the lives of those living in very disadvantaged communities. It was a great precursor to the commencement of Lent.

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal

International Women’s Day marks the day in which women are recognised for their achievements, strength, power and beauty; a day in which the women in the world come together as one courageous, brave and influential group.

On Tuesday 5 March, Ms Gilligan, invited guests and members of the Dominic College community came together for the annual Dominic Women’s Day Breakfast, one of the most inspiring events on the calendar. Guests shared a lovely breakfast with one another, whilst being touched by the beautiful and encouraging words spoken.

Maddi Cockerill, the College Captain, alongside her mother, Sarah, shared with us the campaign theme for this year’s Women’s Day – Balance for Better. This slogan shares with the world the power of women and our fight for equality; our fight to live in a gender-balanced world. Maddi and Sarah’s speech inspired us all. We need to stand up for what is right, be brave, be bold, be unique, but most importantly, be kind. We are beautiful, and the world needs to realise our power.

We were privileged to have Jessica Sargent, Dominic old scholar from 2004, as our special guest. Jessica began her Dominic College journey in Year 7 after attending Holy Rosary Catholic School for her primary education. Her classes at Dominic that gave her a passion for writing, something to lead her into the future. From continuing her passion through Guilford Young College and then at the University of Tasmania, she was able to obtain a job at the Mercury.

However, it was not an easy road. Jessica started off in a small job, getting people coffees and lunches, and it was through her hard work, perseverance and huge amount of effort where she was able to go on to receiving the position of a full-time journalist. She loves talking to people, asking questions and hearing everyone’s story, as she believes they are all different and unique in their own special way.

Jessica followed her dream; pushed to achieve more than mediocrity. She is a person who does not let men tower over her position; who stands tall and proud of the strong woman she is. Jessica is someone who works for gender equality in the workforce; who understands the power and ability of women and who represents a strong and powerful individual.

We thank her for her inspiring words, and for making the 2019 International Women’s Day a day to remember. Thank you also to everyone else who contributed to making this a successful event!

Women of the Dominic College community; be proud of who you are, for the beauty you possess, for the bravery, strength and courage you show. Do not be afraid to be yourself.

Believe in your abilities and show everyone in the world how awesome you are. Remember, balance for better. Happy International Women’s Day!

Ella Fitzpatrick - College Vice-captain

You can see more photos from the breakfast on our gallery: 2019 Women's Day breakfast.