International Women's Day breakfast success

On Wednesday 7 March we held our International Women’s Day Breakfast for Year 5-10 girls, their mothers, carers, aunties, grandmothers and older sisters. Old scholars and friends of the College also attended in significant numbers with some 240 people gathered in the Savio Centre on Wednesday morning for a shared breakfast, to celebrate the achievements of girls and women and to raise funds for girls in Samoa to be able access their right to a quality education.

Special guest and Old Scholar (Class of 2005), Effie Pryer, spoke eloquently of her journey so far as a young artist. She advised our students to strive for the highest of aspirations, and to work hard and persistently in order to achieve the highest standard in whatever their passion.

Effie also advised students to have an open mind to new ways of looking at and experiencing their passion and work. She hoped that if they left Tasmania, as many young people often do, that they return here to continue to be nourished in our magnificent state and all that it has to offer them.

I would like to extend my appreciation to those students and the women in their lives who attended the International Women’s Day Breakfast. Congratulations to our College Captain Maggie Baker and her mother Telisa Baker on their excellent speech and to our Year 6 Captain Zoe Swan and her mother Dora Swan for their contribution.

Many thanks to our Year 10 students - Chelsea Jones, Bri Oates, Zali Jenni and Ashley Cano-Calderon for their excellent leadership and to Grace Fredheim, Isabella Cook, Aynee Williams and Belinda Gibbons for their fantastic musical item.

All visitors to the breakfast commented on how impressive our students were whether they were leading within the event or conversing with guests around the table. I was indeed very proud of all students and families who were present. You can see more photos at our gallery: Women's Day breakfast 2018.

Our International Women’s Day Breakfast raised a total of $2,626 and the Principal and staff at the Don Bosco High School on the island of Salelelogo in Samoa will be excited to hear of and receive this support for their scholarship program for disadvantaged girls.

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal