It's all happening in Animal husbandry!

New animals will be arriving frequently as they become available and as suitable accommodation can be prepared.

Alpaca baby Luna Star was born at 11.57am on Friday 2 February and made her first visit to school on Tuesday 6 February. She is alert and friendly, a beautiful creature with white head and legs like her mother Izzy, though her body colour is faun, apparently like her dad Jerry, who does not live with her.

The white male alpaca with the blue harness is Hilton, who is very protective of Luna and behaves towards her as a stepfather would. Her carer is Sarah Hawkins, shown here holding Luna, assisted by Melanie Cook. Luna had her vet shots on Tuesday 13 February and is doing well.

On Thursday last week two mini pigs arrived at the College, brother Astris and sister Elizabeth Mae (Beth) born on 24 November last year. They are the fifth generation in a program selecting for miniature sized pigs.

Caitlin Diprose and Libby Fry are carers for Beth, and Astris has Sidney Smith as his carer and owner.

In caring for these pigs it is important to prioritise care before handling. Their water and food need to be clean and balanced, the pen must also be clean. Handling comes after care. They are intelligent and playful, and need to be trained to show good manners when being offered treats. They love to go for walks on a lead and graze on the lawn, snuffling and digging with their snouts when something smells or tastes particularly good.

Sparky the black miniature pony will be returned to his owner as his behaviour has become erratic because he cannot be gelded without expensive and invasive surgery. Students today went to farewell him in the yard.

Hopefully Melody, Sparky’s mother will be staying. She and Rosie, the donkey, will be trained this year to pull the cart.