Japanese Cultural Experience Day

On Wednesday 16 June, Dominic College Year 4 hosted students from New Norfolk and Molesworth Primary Schools, and Holy Rosary and St. Paul’s Catholic Schools and took part in an immersive day of Japanese cultural experiences. The day began with a welcome Assembly and a video of our friends at Shizuoka Salesio School sharing the Lord’s Prayer in Japanese. We are very grateful for their warm contribution to our day. This was followed by the first-ever performance from our new Senior Taiko group, comprised of dedicated students in Years 6 to 10. They are doing a wonderful job of refining their performance skills, so please look forward to watching them perform at other events this year!

Year 7 student, Scott Mielke gave a highly polished and informative performance of three ‘kata’ learnt at his martial arts lessons. Expertly guided by Year 9/10 students of Japanese, groups then enjoyed four workshops – Japanese Sports Fesitval games, sushi-making, drama or robotics, and Japanese traditional dance. Cooking classes were expertly supported by VET Hospitality students, who also fed supporting staff members with delicious sushi and cappuccinos made using equipment recently purchased by our wonderful P&F, including food processors, chopping boards and our amazing coffee machine.

A huge thank you to all students and staff who worked together to create this wonderful experience for all our participants. 本当 にありがとうございました!(hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita)

Mrs Belinda Kumashiro - Coordinator of Asian Studies K-10