Junior taiko begins

Junior Taiko Begins! - a lunch break well-spent

Dominic College Year 4 students have been offered yet another fun way to spend their lunch break: playing taiko drums!

Earlier in the year, all interested Year 4 students came to the LOTE Room to try their hand at taiko drumming. They were then invited to commit one lunch time per week to joining the newly formed Junior Taiko branch of ‘Dominiku Daiko’.

Year 4 and Year 10 collaboration

Two groups of incredibly enthusiastic Year 4 students now attend taiko drumming lessons each week, on either a Monday or a Wednesday lunch time. One wonderful Year 10 taiko player, Daniel (‘Danieru senpai’) is their senior coach. He volunteers two of his lunch times per week to share the expertise he has gained over the past three years in the Senior Taiko group. Year 4 students value his help with their technique, and eagerly watch the door waiting for his arrival when his lunch break begins.

What do students learn from taiko drumming?

The Junior Taiko group are learning how to play their first song, which will be performed at the Asian Festival assembly on 30 October! They are learning about musical concepts, such as how to read percussion sheet music, rhythm and beat, and crescendos.

They are developing gross motor skills – not only is taiko great for your arm muscles, but it is also excellent exercise for the legs too!

Students are learning about posture and body awareness.They are learning about teamwork, commitment and discipline.

Students are learning about Japanese culture, and the way Japanese people approach and value the above qualities.

They are also learning more Japanese language skills. So far, they have learnt terms such as: kuchi-daiko, bachi, junbi, sei-no, otsukaresama desu, counting 1-8.

Already these Year 4 taiko drummers are displaying excellent skills. With several months left to refine their abilities, we are looking forward to an exciting performance in October.

All of these opportunities would not be possible without the wonderful support from our P&F, who generously made the first steps to begin taiko at Dominic College. We hope that the Dominic College community will benefit greatly from our growing taiko program.

Mrs Belinda Kumashiro - Japanese Teacher