K-2 and 3-6 Cross Country Carnivals delight

Our two cross country days this week for our younger students were wonderful days of sportsmanship, grit, commitment and fun. They complemented last week's 7-10 carnival very well.

On Wednesday we had a brilliant morning of running in the K-2 Cross Country. The “joyfulness” was something to behold as well over 200 supporters and 240 runners competed in their events.

Well done to Kinders on completing their first Cross Country and congratulations to all K-2 runners on their wonderful efforts on the day.

You can see more photos here: K-2 cross Country.

Students from 3-6 then had a fantastic day at their carnival on Thursday, giving their absolute all and were full of cheer and praise for their fellow competitors. It was a close tussle all day but in the end Guzman, led by Liam Harris and Amelie Brouwer were the winners.

You can see more photos here: 3-6 Cross Country.

Thanks for all of the support from the Dominic College community in running the day. Special mention to Miss Nicole Millikan, Mr Dave Reinbach and Mr Tyson Walker for all of the support in making the day a success.

Many thanks to our parents who were able to attend our K-2 and 3-6 Cross Country events this week at the College. Having connections with your child while they are at school, is particularly important in the early and primary years.

There is some research that emphasises the primacy of consistent parent-school contact in attaining better educational outcomes for children. This is especially so when students perceive that their family and school lives are observably connected through the people in these two spheres and in shared activity.

Parents can’t make it to everything but are encouraged to select particular occasions they can visit the school to be connected. There are plenty of opportunities for this. I have also noticed, too, an increasing number of our primary families will choose to bring their children to 7-10 events open to the school community. I noticed this with the audience composition of our Year 7 and 8 Junior Talking Heads.

It was great to see this happening, especially hearing a Year 4 student say they can’t wait until they’re in Year 7!

Many thanks to all families for the commitment you are making to your children and their ongoing educational progress.

Mr Cameron Golding & Ms Beth Gilligan