K-6 facilities developments

The improvement and expansion of Dominic College’s K-6 has been identified as a strategic priority.

The K-6 buildings are now 14 years old and in need of expansion and refurbishment. The classrooms were originally built to accommodate a 1.5 stream primary which resulted in the need to build four classrooms near the oval (Years 5 and 6). Unfortunately due to their location, these classrooms are not as well connected to the rest of the College. Also, due to Government imposed classroom-size restrictions at the time of construction, spaces are smaller than we would like and we believe that increasing the size of these classrooms would be of great benefit to both our students and teachers.

To resolve the above limitations, we are planning to undertake a redevelopment of the entire K-6 over the next seven to eight years. The initial stage of this project will involve the development of an Early Years precinct for K-2 near the existing Year 5 and 6 classrooms and Dominic Early Learning Centre. Works on this stage will begin in 2019 with the commencement of the building of new Kindergarten and Prep classrooms. This will be followed by the building of new Year 1 and 2 classrooms as well as a new multipurpose space for our Before and After School Care Program.

From 2023 we are planning on developing an upper primary for our Year 3 to 6 students through the redevelopment of the existing K-4. These building works will be undertaken over a four year period.

In addition to the classroom building works, we have planned for upgrades to the surrounding landscaping and development of additional play spaces. This project will also include upgrades to the K-4 carpark (works already underway), the 5-6 carpark, the onsite bus parking and pedestrian pathways.

We are currently working through the final design stages and approval process before the building works can commence. I will continue to provide updates to the Dominic Community on the development of this project throughout 2019.

As always with projects of this size, changes and disruptions to our normal arrangements will occur and I would like to thank all in advance for their continued support and patience during such an exciting development for Dominic College.

Mr Dylan Chivers - Chief Financial and Operations Officer