K-6 Parent Literacy Workshop

Dominic College is again offering parents and guardians the opportunity to participate in workshop sessions to hear about ways they can support their child’s learning at home.

Our first Parent Workshop for 2018 will focus on Literacy and will look at practical ways you can help your child with Writing.

The Literacy Workshop for K–6 parents will be held on Wednesday 21 March starting in the MPC at 6pm. The evening will conclude at 7pm.

Please note: These sessions are child free.

This year we will be offering a number of different workshop session topics, prepared and delivered by the K-6 teachers. These include:

  • Why people write
  • The stages of writing
  • Handwriting development and tips
  • What are the main text types that are required in K - 6
  • What is the Writing Process?
  • How to write a simple sentence
  • How to write a compound sentence
  • How to write a good paragraph
  • 5WH
  • The NAPLAN marking guide for Writing

Many thanks to those who have confirmed their attendance, we look forward to seeing you all then.

Mr Stephen Casni - Deputy Principal