Kindergarten Mud Day

It is eight degrees and children at Dominic College Kindergartens are stomping in puddles, making mud soup and running through the afternoon sun.

They are rugged up in old clothes, rain jackets, gumboots and matching waterproof puddle suits.

This year we are developing a Bush Kinder site behind the Property Team’s shed, as it is important our students connect with the natural world and discover the joy of discovery learning through observing what happens in the natural world.

The things our students find amazing in nature can vary from the biggest tree to the tiniest insect. The language and experiences they are having is invaluable and is being measured in the conversations occurring in all three Kindergartens.

On Wednesday afternoon it was chilly but we ventured to our Bush Kinder site to celebrate international Mud Day for 2019.

International Mud Day aims to connect children around the globe through the earth, by playing in the mud!

Children and early childhood professionals all over the world celebrate nature, outdoors and mess by getting really muddy.

“We believe it's okay to get dirty” And … we did!

Mrs Jane Doyle - K-2 Teaching & Learning Coordinator