Launch into Learning 2019

Dominic College’s Pre-Kindergarten program Launch into Learning is becoming part of the curriculum in 2019.

There will be four Launch into Learning classes, two on Thursdays and two on Fridays in term time this year. One of Dominic College’s most experienced Kindergarten teachers, Mrs Linda Douglas, will be taking the Launch into Learning classes, as well as continuing to teach her Kindergarten class.

Mrs Douglas, with over 25 years’ experience in Early Years teaching, was recently awarded a KOALA scholarship by the Catholic Principals’ Association of Tasmania, to support her professional learning in early childhood which included visits to mainland early childhood centres.

At Dominic College, children attend Launch into Learning with a parent or close family member and this model enables families to establish relationships with each other. Mrs Douglas said that for the last two years, the program has been highly successful, “Children have time and space to play, talk and form friendships. The classes are a great way for children to get ready for school and families now find the transition to Kindergarten at Dominic College seamless.”

Dominic College Principal Ms Beth Gilligan said: “We have now found that Launch into Learning is a key factor in families becoming very familiar with early literacy and numeracy strategies and the development of foundational social skills for the children has been excellent.”

Highlights of the program include regular play and fine and gross motor skill development. Opportunities to interact with the College’s Animal Husbandry Program including their ducks, rabbits and lambs have been very exciting for the children.

Parents in the program indicated that the most memorable activities of 2018 included the Easter Egg Hunt on the College lawns, the creation of a collaborative art work for the College Art exhibition at Salamanca and the excursion to TMAG. Mrs Douglas indicated that these would be scheduled again in 2019

Launch into Learning sessions at Dominic College run from 14 February, on Thursdays and Fridays in term time and you can choose from sessions from 9.00am-10.15am or 11.00am-12.15pm. Classes are free but you must register to attend.

For registration enquiries, please contact College Registrar, Ms Leesa Harrison on 6274 6010 or or for further information visit: Launch into Learning.