On Friday 29 March, the four Year 9 SRC representatives, Laura Ackerley, Jacob Tarvydas, Alicia Smith and I went to the Menzies Institute for Medical Research building and participated in the Learn2Lead leadership program.

On this day we learned some of the skills it takes to become a better leader and how to apply them in our schools. We discussed problems our schools are facing and appropriate ways to approach these.

We focused on teamwork skills but also how we can develop as individual leaders. We noted our strengths and also our weaknesses so by the end of the program we can see how we have improved and grown.

The program was beneficial as it helped us look deeper into what was happening at Dominic College and what we wanted to try and improve, as this was the first day of three we started by focusing on our own grade first, working on what we wanted to see change.

All four of us are really looking forward to the next step in the program and are extremely grateful for the wonderful opportunity we have been given. We hope that we can use this knowledge to aid us this year and in future leadership roles in the College. We have two more sessions throughout the year. Thanks to Fr Peter for coming with us on the day.

Hannah Maw - Year 9 Siena SRC