Lent Commences with Ash Wednesday

We mark the commencement of the Church season of Lent with Ash Wednesday, 6 March, and which will conclude on Holy Saturday, 20 April, the day before Easter. There will be Mass in the Dominic College Chapel at 7.30am on Ash Wednesday. All parents and students are welcome.

One of the key passages of Pope Francis’ Lenten Message for 2019 is: “Let us leave behind our selfishness and self-absorption, and turn to Jesus’ Pasch. Let us stand beside our brothers and sisters in need, sharing our spiritual and material goods with them”.

I encourage all in our community to support Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion as a means during Lent to support poor and disadvantaged communities across the world. Caritas makes a significant difference locally and globally and has a long history of supporting marginalized people to be agents of change in their own lives.

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal